Swing Door Operator

The 4000 Series Automatic Swing Door Operator System is designed with a versatile USA-made ES500 microprocessor-controller for both low and full-energy use. It is ideal for hospitals, hotels, grocery stores, malls and all other high traffic public entrances. The 4000 series is available for new or converted barrier free openings and are compatible with all mechanical and electrical hardware.

Some of the swing door operator features:

  1. Programmable to comply with ANSI Standard A156.19.
  2. Configurations come in left or right push, left or right pull, or dual configurations.
  3. Three-zone opening with independent open, check, and hold values
  4. Two-zone closing with built-in close speed adjustment
  5. Opening and back check speeds can be adjusted infinitely
  6. Adjustable open acceleration and deceleration rates
  7. Opening force can be programmed without affecting the opening speed
  8. Reliable, micro-switch based adjustments for open and latch check zones
  9. Dedicated connector for radio receiver and for on/off/hold open switch
  10. Sync connector for paired operation
  11. Auxiliary connector (programmable for a variety of functions via software)
  12. Built-in strike interface with dedicated relay and connector for lock
  13. Two-digit display with three-button interface for adjustments
  14. New Header Design improves gearbox security and allows for faster installation
  15. Selectable Lock Un-Jam – Applies close-power for an adjustable delay to release locks jammed by stack pressure or heavy weather stripping
  16. 24-VDC accessory output for powering accessories up to a 0.5-ampere total load
  17. Closing force is supplied by a field replaceable spring. When the door is closing or closed, the motor voltage is off.
  18. A locked door motor protection circuit limits the current to the motor when applied when the door is inadvertently locked or otherwise prevented from opening.
  19. Door motion can be reversed instantly without undue strain on the drive train by supplying stepped voltage to the motor.
  20. Power-Assist Close – The microprocessor “chip” can be upgraded with a full featured power-assist close to accommodate stack pressure or high wind areas
  21. Pushbutton switches on both sides opens the door; it closes after time delay expires.
  22. The swing door operator door can be operated manually with power on or off
  23. Push-To-Open: Manually pushing door activates automatic opening cycle; door closes after time delay expires.
  24. Time delay for manual push-to-open operation can be independently adjustable from 1-99 seconds.

Swing Door Operator Safety Features

  • Dedicated connector for safety devices (both standard and stall/seek inputs, and data output for pattern switching)
  • Requires 15 lbs or less force to stop the door when moving in either direction
  • Adjustable Torque Limiting – For faster door operation without compromising safety
  • Adjustable Obstruction Sensing – When obstructed during opening, the door stalls and switches to an independently adjustable seek-speed to complete cycle
  • Selectable Close Recycle – When obstructed during closure, the door recycles open with independently adjustable time delay.

Other Swing Door Operator Perks

  • 1-Piece Powder Coated end cap assembly
  • Headers are stocked in clear and dark bronze anodized
  • All RAL and custom colors are available for headers upon request
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Lightweight, rugged design, built-in power supply
  • One year swing door operator warranty


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