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Stanley offers a variety of automatic sliding door systems designed for different applications. Here’s a quick description of some common types of Stanley automatic sliding doors:

1. Dura-Glide Automatic Sliding Doors:
– Dura-Glide doors are robust, reliable, and suitable for high-traffic areas. They come in single or bi-parting configurations and offer energy-efficient features.

2. Dura-Max Automatic Sliding Doors:
– Dura-Max doors are designed for heavy-duty applications, making them ideal for industrial and commercial settings. They offer durability and security.

3. Dura-Storm Automatic Sliding Doors:
– Dura-Storm doors are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and are often used in exterior applications. They provide weatherproofing and energy efficiency.

4. Dura-Care Automatic Sliding Doors:
– Dura-Care doors are tailored for healthcare environments, with features like low-energy operation, breakaway design, and smooth operation for patient comfort.

5. Dura-Guard Automatic Sliding Doors:
– Dura-Guard doors prioritize safety and security, making them suitable for applications where protection is a primary concern. They feature robust construction and impact-resistant glass.

6. Dura-Glide GreenStar Automatic Sliding Doors:
– Dura-Glide GreenStar doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping to reduce environmental impact and operating costs while maintaining reliable operation.

7. Telescoping Automatic Sliding Doors:
Stanley offers telescoping automatic sliding doors, which are ideal for spaces with limited side rooms. They maximize the opening width while minimizing space requirements.

8. BarnDoor Automatic Sliding Doors:
– BarnDoor doors have a unique design that mimics traditional barn doors, providing an attractive and functional solution for various settings.

9. SFM200 Automatic Sliding Doors:
– SFM200 doors offer an elegant and space-saving solution with narrow stiles and large glass panels, making them suitable for modern architectural designs.

These are some critical types of Stanley automatic sliding doors, each tailored to specific needs and settings, from high-traffic commercial areas to healthcare facilities and industrial applications. The choice of the door type depends on factors such as the environment, traffic flow, and design preferences.


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