Manual Door Installation and Repair

The entrance of your business is the face of your business. It tells your customer a bit about how your business is run, how you feel about your customers, and how successful you are. You want it to function correctly, look attractive, and be convenient for your customers. You also want it to be secure. Automatic Door Doctors can build and repair a fast, beautiful, automatic storefront of any size for your business at a reasonable cost. It can be a simple storefront or a storefront with a vestibule.

Here are some of the features that can be included in your storefront:

  • You can choose between silver, dark bronze, or a custom color for your glass-aluminum storefront.
  • The doors can be swinging, sliding, folding, or revolving.
  • We can make an all-glass sliding doors without a muntin.
  • Wood doors come with optional window kits and steel frames.
  • We can also install simple handicap operators for your doors.

For a complete list of the doors we install and detailed information on each door, please visit our Door page and click on the door you would like to know more about. For more information about our services, please visit our Services page.

You might be interested that Automatic Door Doctors has earned a continual A+ rating with the Denver Better Business Bureau.

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PLEASE NOTE that estimates are FREE for all new door installations and manual door repairs. Estimates for repairing automatic doors are considered a service call.


Automatic Door Doctors is a commercial door company, based in the Denver Metropolitan area, that repairs and installs automatic and manual doors.

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