DC7000 Low Energy
Swing Door Operators

By Door Controls

While the DC7000 Low Energy Automatic Swing Door Operator makes your entrance handicap accessible and has adjustable closing speed and time delay features, it can also be ordered with an MS08 Touchless Switch to facilitate sterile environments. Below is a list of features and benefits these operators offer.

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Features and Benefits

  • Automatic
  • Low energy
  • Easy manual opening
  • Adjustable closing speed and time delay
  • Integrates to any security system
  • 39-inch header size
  • Includes two wireless push plate switches
  • It comes in clear or dark bronze anodized finish
  • Fire and life safety compliant
  • Conforms to ANSI A156.19 for the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Fast and easy install without taking away any aesthetics from the building


For an additional cost, the BEA microwave motions mentor, using Doppler radar technology, will make your ADA switch hands-free. This is especially useful in sterile environments such as food processing plants, healthcare facilities, and bioresearch laboratories.

  • The no-hands feature decreases wear and tear.
  • A water-resistant foam gasket protects the touchless operator from water or cleaning products.
  • Variable adjustment of pattern depth from 4 to 24 inches
  • Come in multiple colors
  • Easy to install
  • It can be installed unobtrusively for aesthetic purposes

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