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Below are a lists of options that come with these doors as well as a description of their functions and controls.

  • Electric Locking: Concealed electric locks are available in both fail safe (unlock on loss of power) and fail secure (lock on loss of power) operation. The electric locks are mounted in the header and operate as a carriage lock that automatically locks the door against slide after each open-close cycle, or can be unlocked for daytime use and locked at night.
  • Battery Pack: A constant charge battery pack is available for use with building alarm and security systems to ensure that entrances are secured in an emergency. The battery pack can be provided to open or close the door upon loss of incoming electrical power or when signaled from the security system. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that provides 300 door opening cycles is also available.
  • Partial Open Feature: A selectable partial opening feature is available for applications that require a full width opening during pleasant weather conditions but a partial opening during harsh weather. The microprocessor-based operator control offers an infinite number of partial opening settings. The partial opening can be constant or automatic depending on traffic volume. In the automatic mode during high traffic conditions, the control will override the reduced opening setting and open the door to the full opening available. Once traffic decreases, the control will return to the reduced opening.
  • Assembly: Proven composite carrier roller material. Sealed ball bearing construction with an effective anti-derail/anti-rise system. Lifetime roller track system and engineered noise reduction barrier composed of neoprene between track and header.
  • Door Closers: Doors closers can be specified on either SX or SO panels that can be concealed in the top rail of door panels. During break out conditions the doors’ leaves are protected from damage. Doors are assured to close meeting code requirements after break away.

Why the record-USA Automatic Sliding Doors 5100 Series are better!

The S.M.A.R.T. Control Panel

The 5100 introduces a new control panel with an intuitive interface and visual feedback of door status. Selecting the operational mode of the door is a single button press, and the built-in display will provide confirmation. The control panel will automatically provide an alert message if an abnormal condition occurs. Two control panels can be installed for the same door; on at the unit and one remote.

Furthermore, the S.M.A.R.T. Control Panel …

  • Can be manually locked, preventing unauthorized alterations.
  • Reminds the person responsible to perform a daily safety check.
  • Provides information regarding objects in track that may negatively impact the operation of the door.
  • Displays current door setting in regard to traffic selection and egress.
  • Indicates when a door has been accidentally broken out.
  • Identifies if a safety beam has failed or been damaged.
  • The FPC Service and Flash Programmer notifies user of which part needs replacement due to failure or abuse.
  • Includes a highly sophisticated programming and service tool for your certified installer/ technician.
  • Can program and configure multiple sliding door systems throughout your building identically.
  • Updates software in the slider control to ensure the very latest technology is always available to you.
  • Allows certified technician to maintain complete service and repair data over the life of the door.
  • Provides user with the phone number of the authorized service agent.

Basic Functions of the 5100 Series Sliding Door System

Different Operating Modes and Safety Features:

  • Off mode: Door can be easily moved by hand. There are safety functions in that mode.
  • Safety sensors (self-monitoring holding beams) prevent the door from shutting if persons or objects are in the detection zone.
  • Safety automatic reversing mechanism: If door leaves are inhibited when closing, they re-open immediately. If the door leaves are hindered when opening, they immediately stop.
  • The position of the obstacle is stored and is approached slowly during the next door movement.
  • Sidelite Protection: Optional additional sensors located above the opening path of the door will slow the opening if a person or object will inhibit the door opening.
  • In the case of power failure the emergency fail close or the emergency opening is assured by the optional emergency power options.
  • Emergency close with or without automatic locking (option to re-open the door after actuation of the emergency close and close again automatically).
  • Any irregularity or fault is indicated on the control panel display.

Customer Controlled Settings:

  • Automatic mode with full opening width.
  • Automatic mode with reduced opening width.
  • Automatic mode in one-way opening (exit only) for traffic control.
  • Adjustable reduced opening mode.
  • Automatic cancellation of the reduced opening width when traffic is heavy.
  • Adjustable acceleration.
  • Independent door speeds for opening and closing.
  • Independent time delays according to actuation (automatic mode or key-operated impulse).
  • Independent adjustable opening width at the reduced opening.

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