4500 Series Slide/Fold Door

By Record-USA

Whether restaurants, hotels, hospitals, homes for the elderly, office buildings, or orore buildings, the 4500 Slide/Fold door series is ideal for any business with a narrow entrance. The Slide/Fold doors use the record’s proven system drive and control units and have all the features and functions of the 5100 series standard operator.

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Functions and features

The 4500 Series slide/fold doors …

  • Provide quick, easy, and silent access to your business
  • Need only a small clearance but leave a wider opening
  • Opening distance is adjustable as a constant or a function of traffic frequency.
  • Are activated by a floor mat, motion sensor, or press wall switch
  • Can be surface applied or mounted between jambs
  • It can be programmed with the modes Automatic, Off, Exit Only, Full Open, and Partial Open.
  • A self-monitor system compensates cycles for changes in temperature, wind load, pressure, and mechanical drag.
  • Motor speeds are automatically adjusted.
  • Operators and controls are concealed above the doors with a removable access cover.
  • Have fewer components, effectively lowering maintenance costs
  • Bearings are protected by a sealed bottom pivot and by precision bearings mounted into a hardened steel ring
  • Provide additional support for the pivot because they are closer to the jamb and protect pivots from abuse
  • Have an improved weather seal
  • Available in the standard of clear anodized or dark bronze anodized. Other anodized or painted finishes are available.
  • Can be made to match most storefront requirements

Safety Features

  • Complies with ANSI A 156.10 for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors
  • Meets APA clearance requirements even on a 48″ masonry opening
  • UL 325 listed
  • Safety devices protect the fold area of the door
  • Designed to eliminate finger guards safely
  • The multi-function microprocessor control provides fully adjustable open, close, and check speeds.
  • A safety-first recycle/stop feature if closing/opening is obstructed.
  • An adjustable hold open time delay (1-30 seconds)
  • Selectable ratchet mode keeps the door open until a second activation signal.
  • An optional battery pack can automatically open or close the doors during power failure.
  • The door can be opened manually in power-off conditions.

The S.M.A.R.T. Panel

  • This control panel with an intuitive interface gives visual feedback on door status.
  • A single button presses to select the operational mode of the door, with a built-in display to confirm the selection.
  • Two control panels can be installed on the same door; one at the unit and one remote up to 3000 feet from the door for easy manager access.
  • It reminds users of the commitment to do a daily safety check.
  • Displays current door setting regarding traffic selection and egress.
  • Alerts user to objects in a track that may hinder door.
  • Sends alert messages when abnormal conditions occur.
  • It can be locked manually, preventing unauthorized alteration.
  • Provides contact information to the authorized service agent.


  • Dual units are provided with two cylinder-operated flush bolts installed in the FS panels to lock the FS panels into the breakaway catch assembly.
  • Dual units include a threshold bolt for two-point locking.
  • Single units may be provided with a cylinder-operated flush bolt installed in the FS panel to lock the FS panel into the breakaway catch assembly.
  • It is fitted with an Adams Rite Maximum Security hook bolt deadlock.

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