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Whether hinges, closers, locks, doors, glass, thresholds, frames – you name it – AUTOMATIC DOOR DOCTORS can fix it! Whether they are common swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors, revolving doors, or automatic doors, whether the doors are made of glass, glass aluminum, hollow metal, or wood, you have come to the right place.

If you have questions, would like a free estimate, or would like to discuss a maintenance agreement please …
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Our goal is to respond quickly and to provide the best long-term repair possible. Give us a call and experience why Door Doctors have earned an A+ with the BBB accreditation rating system. Our strong rating is a testament to our ability to communicate clearly, perform our work meticulously, and choose high quality door parts and components for your business. In other words, we fix things right!

Examples of some common problems and solutions:
  • Broken Door Pivot: Door pivots typically installed on a glass aluminum commercial door are prone to fail over time due to high use and the weight of the door. Our recommendation will be to remove the pivots and install a heavy duty continuous hinge that is rated for 25 million cycles, and which will cover the hinge point holes left by the broken pivots.
  • Door Closer Leaking Oil: Our recommendation will be to replace the commercial door closer.
  • Door Drags or Hits Frame: We will either rehang or adjust the door to fit the doorway correctly or we will shave the door down. Yes, we can shave an aluminum, steel, or wood doors. Sometimes, when the concrete below the door expands due to dramatic changes in temperature or poor soil conditions, the bottom of the door must be shaved. We can do that.
  • Cold Air Entering: We will replace the weather stripping around the door with weather stripping that is designed to survive heavy pedestrian use and abuse for a better seal.
  • Problems with Locks, Handles, Panic Devices, and Vertical Rod Systems: We can take these apart, adjust, oil, and fine tune them. If necessary, we can recommend the appropriate replacements. We can also re-key entrances as needed.
  • Your automatic door is not automatic: Your door may need to be reprogrammed.* 


Whatever your problem, whichever your door, AUTOMATIC DOOR DOCTORS will have the right solution for your door problem. Call us today.

* Estimates are FREE for all new door installations and manual door repairs. A service call is charged for all automatic door repairs. An automatic door is where the door is powered by 110 volts or more.



Automatic Door Doctors is a commercial door company, based in the Denver Metropolitan area, that repairs and installs automatic and manual doors.

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