Commercial Sliding Doors

Call AUTOMATIC DOOR DOCTORS at (720) 572-1867 for a free estimate on a new commercial sliding door.

We commonly sell and install the following types of commercial doors and related hardware:
  • Automatic Sliding or Swing Doors
  • Manual Sliding or Swing Doors
  • Glass Aluminum Entry Doors with Aluminum Frames
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Wood Doors on Steel Frames
  • Custom Glass Aluminum Storefronts and Vestibules

Please visit our door page for a complete list of the doors we work with and detailed descriptions.

Call today and experience why we are rated A+ by the BBB Accreditation System. We will strive to respond quickly and to provide you with an excellent commercial sliding door system at a reasonable price.

For answers to your questions or a free estimate, you may…
  • Call us at (720) 572-1867,
  • Complete the Free Estimate Form at the top of this page,
  • Or contact us by email.

Estimates are FREE for all new door installations and manual door repairs. A service call is charged for all automatic door repairs. An automatic door is where the door is powered by 110 volts or more.


Automatic Door Doctors is a commercial door company, based in the Denver Metropolitan area, that repairs and installs automatic and manual doors.

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