Vestibules are Versatile

Like revolving doors, vestibules are mainly used to keep the weather outside and inside temperatures even. This contributes to …

1. inside comfort and
2. saves power costs.

However, vestibules are much more versatile than revolvers. There are, in fact, many other uses for them. Below are some ways businesses often use vestibules.

3. Some businesses build large vestibules for self-serve functions, relieving their principal place of business from overcrowding.

a. Banks, for example, may have one or two ATMs in their vestibules.
b. Post offices generally have large vestibules that lean off to the side to house post office boxes, mail slots, stamp machines, and even a table for last-minute package preparations and filling out forms.

4. They can be used for clients to wait for service or a contact person out of the rain, cold, or heat.
5. Vestibules may be used as a mud room to hang coats and leave boots.
6. They function as noise buffers. If your business is in a city where there is the constant assault of honking cars, emergency sirens, and construction machines, vestibules help to maintain peace inside.

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