Trendy Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are trendy … and classy. You may remember on futuristic television shows the first time you saw people walking and doors just sliding out of the way without even the push of a button. This isn’t new anymore, but it hasn’t lost its appeal. We still love it!

  • We love the convenience!
    No more balancing packages in one hand while trying to get the door open with another. No more having to let go of one of the toddlers to get the door open. We can even continue texting as we enter our workplace.
  • We love the control!
    In this stressful world, with all our daily duties that sometimes overwhelm us, it just feels good when there is something that is easy to control – something that isn’t a challenge, something that works with us and doesn’t get in the way of our goals.
  • We love the space!
    Sliding door just seem to disappear when we want them to. They either disappear behind a window or even inside a wall. There is no need to make room for swing clearance, nor do we have to worry about getting out of the way of the door. The door just seems to go away.


  • We love the transparency!
    Well … that’s if they are glass – which most sliding doors are. The transparency makes rooms brighter and looks more prominent. We like the additional visual input that transparency affords. And we want our customers to be attracted by what we have inside.
  • We love the efficiency!
    There is no need to ask people to close the doors after they leave. The doors close automatically, keeping the indoor temperature stable and the power bills down.
  • We love the available sizes!
    Moving lots of people or large objects through a bottleneck is a challenge. But sliding doors can be ordered between 7 feet, 7 inches, and 9 feet tall. For the most standard doors, when two doors open in opposite directions, they leave an opening of 14 feet wide, but doors can be ordered wider. Moreover, they can be programmed or even automated to open to the width your traffic requires.

It’s easy to understand why so many businesses, from hotels to stores to office buildings, employ fully automated sliding doors.

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