Automatic Swing Doors Direct Traffic

Different doors have different perks. Traditional automatic swing doors are especially useful in directing or channeling large amounts of traffic. Disneyworld, which must direct the traffic of an average of well over 50 thousand people a day, makes good use of swing doors to do that. When presentations are ready for the people, doors swing open in one direction, a sea of people enters and the doors close. When the presentation is over they cannot go back through the doors they entered because behind those doors are another sea of people waiting to come in. Instead another set of doors swing open and the people exit in the direction they need to go.

But Disneyland is not the only business that needs to move traffic. Grocery stores, for example, have used swing doors for years to keep people coming in from running into grocery carts going out. And by building the exits behind the cashiers, there is less of a chance of people leaving without paying for their purchases.

Of course, automatic swing doors have the perks that automatic doors have in general. They conveniently open when we approach them, no one needs to be reminded to close them, and they help to maintain a balanced temperature in the building, saving money on power bills.

Whether to prevent pile ups, whether to make sure people pay for their products, or for whatever reason, traditional automatic swing doors are still useful. If you have a business where there is considerable traffic or if for some other reason directing traffic would be an advantage to your business, swing doors are a good option.

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