Your Storefront Is Your Face

Storefronts are about as varied as there are kinds of businesses. Their main purpose (besides allowing your clients into your business) is to attract customers. Indeed, your storefront is the face of your business. And while some businesses, like counseling centers, do better with non-transparent storefronts, most business owners find that glass storefronts allow them to have more control of how pleasant their business face looks. Glass storefronts are versatile, allowing owners and managers to change what their customers see periodically for improved attraction. And when the mood of the public changes, so can the display windows.

Narrow city stores that are nestled side by side between other businesses, but which need a large display window, often choose a storefront with a doorway that sits back away from the sidewalk. This allows them to use the sides of the entranceway for larger display windows. On the drawings to the right, the arrows point at the windows. Note that the store with the door that sits back has more display area. Stores with a broad front generally have plenty of display space, but even then, some store owners will build their doorways in, not only for more display, but to afford customers a place in the rain where they can get a good look of the products on sale.


What would you want your clients to see through your storefront windows?

Here are some examples:

  • A Computer Repair Business: Most people love or depend highly on computers. When they have computer woes, they want to know mainly three things about your business – that you are responsible, understand what you are doing, and will fix it fast without charging them “an arm and a leg.” Therefore, you might begin selecting your window by prominently displaying your certificates or degrees in computer know-how. When looking through your store window, a neat, simple counter and a filing cabinet will hint at efficiency. A couple of chairs for customers waiting their turn might tell them that you care about them and, therefore, will also care for their computers.
  • Hotel: Whether your client is on vacation or a business trip, you want your windows to display a lobby that promises a comfortable, restful, and pleasant stay. So, what should they see through your storefront windows? How about comfortable-looking lobby furniture, a relaxing color scheme, and a modest coffee bar at the end of the reservation desk?
  • Toy Store: Your clients would be mostly parents (or grandparents), but your consumers are children. So, which of the two should the display window attract? Well, both. When buying toys for their children, parents prefer toys that will help develop them physically, intellectually, and artistically. Bright colors and movement attract children. So, whatever you display to attract parents, they must also look attractive to their children.
  • A Restaurant: People who eat out generally look for good food and a pleasant, comfortable, clean place to eat it. Some restaurants put a menu in their window. That’s a great place to begin! Next, customers want a homey atmosphere, clean, inviting tables, comfortable seating, a restful color scheme, and attractive wall art.


If you are interested in a new beautiful glass storefront, and you happen to be in the Denver Metro Area, while we can’t help you design your displays, we can build you that shiny new storefront just the way you want. We can install one or more manual or even automatic doors to let your customers in. They can be swing, sliding, folding, or revolving doors. If you have any questions about storefronts, call us at 720-572-1867 or Email us. If you want a free estimate, please fill out the Free Estimate Request Form to the right of the scrolling pictures, and we’ll get back to you promptly. You will be happy to know that we have earned a continuous A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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