Strong Hollow Metal Doors

If you are looking for doors for the side and back off your business, where strength and value, rather than aesthetics, are a priority, consider a hollow metal door. Here are some of the perks that come with them:

  • Hollow metal doors are strong, they last and last, even when subject to abuse.
  • In alleys were vandalism is a higher risk, these doors impede vandals and can even be made bullet proof, affording a high degree of security.
  • Fire ratings can be obtained for up to 3 hours.
  • The hollow chamber inside can be filled with different types of insulation …

… to resist temperature change for energy efficiency.
… to resist sound, for audio privacy.

  • You can also order them with windows for additional light in your building.
  • The doors are easy to clean.
  • And not least, hollow medal doors are inexpensive.

When aesthetics is not important, hollow metal doors will likely give you the best value for your funds.

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