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Businesses prefer glass doors and customers like them too. Most people like to have a clear view of what’s around them and customers are naturally curious about who they might do business with. Glass doors tell people a lot about a business. Naturally, the business man, before deciding on glass doors, will be concerned with safety and security issues, especially if the doors are automatic. Can these doors be trusted?

The answer is yes. Today, commercial glass doors are generally made with tempered or laminated glass. Tempered glass is treated with heat and hydrofluoric acid. This makes glass so tough that this treatment is used to bulletproof it. A decisive blow (such as in an earthquake or a car accident) will break the glass into small rounded pieces (pictured left), as opposed to large, sharp, jagged pieces, essentially rendering the glass harmless.

Laminated glass comprises two layers bonded together by a sheet of translucent vinyl that runs through the middle. When it breaks, the vinyl holds the glass together, minimizing injury and effectively impeding unauthorized entrance. Another perk is that laminated glass also provides considerable soundproofing. However, since the glass cannot be easily broken through, one also wants to consider providing a good emergency exit plan.

Most commercial glass doors are set in aluminum frames. And they are certainly lovely. But if you want to get classy, consider installing “All Glass Doors” – doors without frames. These sleek-looking doors are as impressive as they are beautiful.

Of course, glass can be tinted, stained, or frosted. Tinted glass is sometimes used where the sun is very sharp and hot to save on air-conditioning. Frosted glass is used for privacy, and stained glass is used for artistic beauty. All three of these treated glass types also allow light to come through.

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