The Electric Strike

Common Strike Plate

An electric strike is a low voltage solenoid device that replaces the common strike plate that is found in the door jamb to keep the door bolt in place. The difference is that the electric strike’s ramped surface can be temporarily remotely pivoted out of the way when the door needs to open. This provides the security of traffic control, while at the same time allowing access at will.

There are two main kinds of electric strikes:

  • Fail-secure.  These strikes unlock the device when electricity is applied. Hence, if there is a loss of power, these will stay locked but can be opened mechanically from the inside for exiting.
  • Fail-safe. These strikes will lock when electricity is applied. When there is power loss, the doors are left open.

Electric Strike

Newer models can be manually switched from fail safe to fail secure. Electric strikes can also be equipped with a sound that allow a person by the door to hear that it has been opened.

There are several things to consider when buying an electric strike. The type and size of door jamb it will be attached to, the lock it is going to interact with, whether it should be fail-secure or fail-safe, whether you will need a magnetic lock, and of course the quality of the strike.


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