Choosing an Entrance
For Your Business


The efficiency with which it is run, and the owners’ thoughtfulness and trustworthiness. Suppose your entrance looks sloppy, in disrepair, out of date, inefficient, unattractive, or even extravagant. In that case, your work may appear shoddy and weak, and you, the owner or director, may come across as inconsiderate, overreaching, or untrustworthy.

Before you decide on your entrance needs, you need to think about what kind of clients you will have and their needs. And, of course, the type of clients you have depends on your business. A financial planning firm? A grade school? A factory? A fashion store? A hospital? A coffee hut? A hotel? A counseling center? A grocery store? A law firm? Each kind of business has different traffic volumes and a diverse clientele with additional needs. Clients and employees alike need to feel respected. Your entrance is one way to convey that respect.

What kind of doors might be a good fit for your business?

Below are examples of some things the above ten mentioned businesses might look for in an entrance. It is not intended to be exhaustive but to give an idea of different aspects of doors that can be considered.

  • Financial Planning Firm: Clients seek an efficient, progressive, well-run, financially stable business. They will want to see a modern entrance that reflects those priorities. The business will also enjoy a secure entrance.
  • Grade School: The entrance needs to be inviting for small children, some of whom are leaving the familiarity of their homes for the first time. The entrance must also be easily accessible to small children and teachers, who often have their hands full.
  • Factory: These entrances mainly serve employee traffic. The attractiveness and simplicity spell respect for low-income employees and yield respect in clients’ eyes.
  • Fashion Store: Clothing merchants have understood for millennia the vanity in human nature and have always done their best to display their fashionable designs to attract the attention of all passersby. Glass storefronts are the standard.
  • Hospital: Like grade schools, hospital entrances should also be characterized by attractiveness and ease of entry. Automatic doors are necessary to allow accessible entrance for patients without normal mobility or strength. In addition, all patients want to see their hospital as efficient and progressive and the managers as considerate and trustworthy because what they see at the entrance they will associate with the care they receive when they are vulnerable.
  • Coffee Hut: These are usually tiny buildings large enough to make coffee for drive-by customers. Dutch doors with a shelf on the bottom half for serving customers may be cheaper and simpler to install than a drive-through window.
  • Hotel: Whether on vacation or business, clients in the hospitality industry want comfort and pleasant surroundings. Clean glass storefronts give prospective clients a view of an attractive, comfortable lobby that will serve as an oasis for tired eyes.
  • Counseling Center: The clients of a counseling center need the respect of an attractive entrance, while at the same time, they might want the privacy of a simple entrance that does not attract attention and is not transparent.
  • Grocery Store: Entrances must be durable enough to withstand traffic going in and out all day. It needs to be automatic because carts are pushed through continually; sometimes, mothers hang on to children as they move.
  • Law Firm: Many clients go there to fight and want to win quickly. Clients also worry about the expenses they will incur during the legal procedure. The entrance of a law firm needs to reflect success, efficiency, and respect for the customer, but not extravagance.

There are other things to consider. If you live in an area characterized by extreme temperatures, blowing sand, or just wind, entrances like vestibules and revolving doors can relieve employees and clients.

Whatever your business, there is an entrance just right for your needs. And if you live in the Denver Metropolitan Area, Automatic Door doctors can help you install an entrance, storefront, or vestibule, manual or automatic, that is just right. We have earned a continual A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you have any door questions, feel free to call us at 720-572-1867, or if you prefer, you can EMAIL us. For a FREE ESTIMATE, please complete the form at the top right of this page, and we will get back to you promptly.


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