Automatic Door Options

Automatic doors can be installed at your entrance or within your building. Wherever a doorman might be needed, automatic doors are a more practical and cost-efficient option. Grocery stores where traffic is constant and includes loaded grocery carts, hospitals where patients who enter are often weak or in wheelchairs, and warehouses where wares are moved to trucks with forklifts are examples of businesses that will benefit from automation.

The benefits of automatic doors are varied. Besides opening doors automatically and hands-free, they also close automatically for temperature control. There are safety sensors that prevent the door from shutting on people or objects. Among other things, doors can be programmed for speeds, delay, and direction, depending on the type of traffic your business attracts. And they can be programmed remotely.

There are different kinds of automated doors.

Which one would be most beneficial for your business?

  • Automatic Swing Doors: If, for example, your business attracts a lot of traffic and there is little room to increase the number of doors or where routing traffic in certain directions is a priority, besides many of the other general advantages of automated doors, swing doors are very useful in facilitating one-way traffic.
  • Automatic Sliding Doors: If the need for one-way traffic isn’t essential, then automatic sliding doors offer more space because there is no need for swing clearance. Furthermore, doors can be ordered 8 to 10 feet high and, with two doors open in opposite directions, can leave a doorway from 16 to 40 feet wide, which is great for moving heavy traffic and large objects. The width of the opening can be programmed and automated.
  • Automatic Folding Doors: When sliding doors aren’t an option, such as when the doorway cuts across a corner, folding doors are also space efficient. These doors have all the programming advantages of other automated doors.
  • Automatic Revolving Doors: Revolving doors turn constantly; this feature has them always open and, at the same time, permanently closed. This feature makes them most efficient in temperature control and dust resistance.
  • Handicap Doors: If your business does not especially call for automatic doors, and you don’t want the expense, yet you want to accommodate your clients who are physically challenged, you may choose to automate your existing doors. You can decide to push plates or hands-free plates.

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