Made by record-USA – 6100 Series Handicap by Record

Automatic Door Doctors sells, installs, and repairs the Record Series 6100 handicap operator.

Safe, dependable, energy efficient, quiet, stylish, and highly adjustable, the 6100 series by record-USA is designed to be suitable in various settings. Whether the entrance is bombarded with much traffic or trafficked by patients on a stretcher needing doors programmed to stay open long enough to let them enter safely, these operators will provide just what is required. These low-energy swing door operators ease your selection by incorporating all the features commonly found as options into one self-contained unit.

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Features and Benefits

  •  ADA compliant
  •  Can be adjusted to meets ANSI 156.19 requirements
  •  Fire rated per UL 228
  •  Electro-mechanical operation•
  •  Door open time delay of 2-60 seconds (check minimum hold open requirements in meeting ANSI 156.19)
  • 115V, 60HZ, 1-phase
  •  Non-handed operator
  •  In-swinging or out-swinging doors
  •  Single, pairs or double egress doors
  •  Standard push arms (three different styles of arms available to suit every application)
  •  Standard on/off/hold open switch with error indication
  •  Microprocessor control for accurate repeatability of parameters
  •  Surface applied
  •  Suitable for center hung or butt hung doors
  •  Deep reveal applications
  •  Capable of moving up to 175 pound door leafs
  •  Available in up to 42” single and 84” paired openings
  •  Available clear or dark anodized bronze (custom colors are also available)
  •  Stylish black plastic molded end caps, incorporating switches and error indicators
  •  Sequences electric strikes and electrified panic devices, without the need for extra interfaces
  •  Push to start application, eliminating the need for additional activation accessories and complex field wiring
  •  Latch assist function assures doors closing and locking in areas with heavy stack pressure conditions
  •  Quick and simplified installation
  •  Rounded 4 1/2” x 5” or squared 4 1/2” x 5 1/2” covers available
  •  Easily interfaces with all types of access control
  •  Lowest power consumption in its class


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