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Revolving Doors Save Energy

Revolving doors are generally made up of 2 to 4 glass doors that hang around a vertical axis inside a cylindrical wall. Whether they are manual or automatic doors, they are popular in public buildings because they are open and at the same time closed all the time. This minimizes airflow between the inside and outside of the building, making them very energy efficient. In fact, the latest innovation is a revolving door that generates enough energy for supplying low energy ceiling lights! Below are some of the perks that can be had with manual and automatic revolving doors.


One can still choose to install the simple manual doors that are fully people powered. But today one can also acquire manual doors that have limited automation. For example, some companies offer “Power Assist”, which offers automatic rotation after a gentle push. If you need to get in but your hands are occupied with children or packages, a gentle push with the shoulder will suffice, making the door hands free. These doors also generally have a speed governor to prevent them from spinning too fast, keeping the speed predictable and safe. Some companies offer “Positioning”, which means that they always stop where it’s easy for pedestrians to enter.


Automatic Revolving doors have the same features that manual revolving doors do, except that they already start turning as people approach and keep turning as long as there are people in the vicinity. Some can even be switched into automatic sliding or swinging doors when the traffic demands it.


Security is important to all of us. Therefore, there are many options available to revolving doors that increase building and occupant security. Below is a list of some of these options.

• Floor or ceiling locks for additional security
• By-parting, curved sliding doors to cover the revolving door for locking after hours
• Remote night locking and remote security lockdown which, in an emergency, can electronically stop the wings from a remote location
• Access control for afterhours
• Card readers for 24/7 access control
• Sensors that allow freedom to exit
• Anti-piggybacking devices that prevent people from sneaking into the door system behind authorized individuals
• Metal detection
• Armored or bullet resistant glass
• Collapsible doors for emergency evacuation

There are lots of revolving doors to choose from. If you have a revolving door installed at your business that needs repairing and you happen to live in the Denver Metropolitan Area, why not give the Automatic Door Doctors a call? We have earned a continual A+ rating with the Denver Better Business Bureau. If you have and questions, please call us at 303-408-2702. Or if you would like a free estimate to repair your door, please scroll up to near the top of this page, to the right of the door slider, then complete and submit our Free Estimate Request Form. We will contact you promptly.

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